Jessica Alvis

Jessica Alvis

Ratings for election to Garfield Heights Municipal Court FTC, for term starting 01/01/2024.

Candidate did not provide current photograph.

Association Rating
Asian American Bar: Refused to Participate
Cuy. Cty. Crim. Def. Lawyers: Refused to Participate
Clev. Metro. Bar: Refused to Participate
Norman S. Minor Bar: Refused to Participate
Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association: Refused to Participate
Ohio Women’s Bar: Refused to Participate

For the November 2023 judicial elections, we offered each candidate who participated in Judge4Yourself’s ratings process a chance to record a video, answering the same four questions. Videos were edited only for clarity. Each video was approved by the candidate before release.

Candidate did not provide a biographical statement.
Ratings for the November 7, 2023 election.