Share/Bookmark Join Our Mailing ListFollow us on TwitterFriend us on Facebook Rates the Judicial Candidates So that Justice Is Not a Guessing Game is a service of the Judicial Candidates Rating Coalition (“JCRC”).  JCRC is made up of The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association, The Cuyahoga Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, The Norman S. Minor Bar Association, and The Ohio Women’s Bar Association. We rate Cuyahoga County judicial candidates so you can judge for yourself.

Judges are public officials who hold significant power to make decisions that affect individual lives, businesses, and public policy. Cuyahoga County has 59 county judgeships, including judges who sit on the Cuyahoga County Court of Appeals, the Court of Common Pleas, the Domestic Relations Court, the Juvenile Court, and the Probate Court. Voters must vote for at least a third of these positions every 2 years. With so many positions on the ballot and not much information about the candidates, some voters do not vote and others just guess.

With justice at stake, we should be able to do better. seeks to educate the voters of Cuyahoga County about the qualifications of judicial candidates and eliminate the judicial election “guessing game.” Our candidate ratings for past elections have been welcomed by voters and the press.’s ratings are non-partisan and independent. Our only concern in rating each candidate is whether he or she has the key qualities of a good judge: integrity, impartiality, judicial temperament, diligence, professional competence, and community understanding. To determine our ratings, members of our four organizations jointly interview each candidate, review the candidate’s answers to our questionnaire and discuss the candidates and their qualifications.  Dozens of experienced lawyers, including many who regularly practice in the courts for which the candidates seek office, participate in each interview and discussion. Several non-lawyer community representatives participate in the rating process, as well. We and our clients have many different perspectives and views, but we all agree that we want highly qualified, fair and respectful judges on our courts. If you do too, review our ratings before you vote.