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A silhouette of a judge behind a bench with a question mark in the middle

See What Lawyers Think Of
The Judicial Candidates

Be prepared to vote for judges in next year’s election. As a Cuyahoga County voter, you can get information you need to vote for judges here, at You don't have to wonder, "Who are these people?" We've provided ratings of every candidate, and photos and short biographies of the candidates.’s ratings are made by four cooperating bar associations, with the help of dozens of experienced lawyers—many who work in the courts every day, as well as community representatives. We interview the candidates in every contested race for judge, and review their answers to our questionnaire.’s ratings are non-partisan, and independent. We care only whether the particular candidates who are running this year will be competent, fair and trustworthy judges. So we focus on each candidate’s integrity, knowledge, experience, diligence, and community understanding, and on every candidate’s ability to be impartial, even-tempered and respectful to the people who must come to court.

Guessing can’t assure justice.

Before you vote, check the  ratings here, at Ratings and results of 2017 contested elections here.